Kumapim Royals Band – Ewiase
Brobisco House of Music 1982

Kumapim Royals Band, front

Kumapim Royals Band, back

Good morning folks, today it is high time for highlife.
I really wanted to be posting more music from Ghana
if only the quality of the records was a little better.
The cleanest of my albums have already been brought
so now is the turn to some lesser looking or sounding
ones. Let’s see, the lp we’ve got here has a damaged
sleeve but the sound is reasonably fair, some scratches
are inevitable. Kumapim Royals Band makes up for
that shortage in a fine way fortunately. Their music
is lovely and I’m sure you’ll like..
So far we had 4 of their lp’s,
use our search-bar
to find them.


01 – Obiara mfa nadwene mmra
– Ewiase pt. 1
– Ewiase pt. 2
– Ewiase pt. 3
02 – Mebroni
03 – Bonsam nsa begyene
04 – Sonsiaso
05 – Obi nsee obi adwuma


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Brobisco House of Music 1982

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