Prince Nico M’barga – Decency
Disques Esperance 1983

Prince Nico Mbarga, front

I’ve lost count over the years but Nico Mbarga appeared
over twelve times at least here at the GG. This 1983 album
was still missing and I’m sure some others are. One way or
the other, musically this is one of his better releases I think.
Always on the moral side this album’s theme is decency.
Track number four introduces guest singers Louisiana
Tilda and Kaya Tchiko, do you think this is Tchico
Tchicaya ? The song makes me think of ‘Jeannot’
by Lolo Lolitta & Tchico from the lp ‘Le retour
des évadés de Ponton la Belle’. He worked
in Nigeria for several years. Anyway,
jivin’ hot Nigerian highlife..


01 – Decency
02 – Oya ifunanya
03 – Soso think
04 – Stay for ever


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Disques Esperance 1983

  1. thx moos,

    i’ve counted your Prince Nico M’barga posts:
    incl. this one we have now 15 !!


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