Tuco et les Frères Déjean – “Tonton Relax”
Macaya 1981

Tuco, front


Hello, what do you think about compas ? Isn’t it
just marvelous music ? Discovering more and more about
it. Some years ago I met with Rémi Joigneau from France,
he is one of the guys who put together the album; ‘Haïti
Goes Latin’. I added a small pic of the lp. The last track of
the record posted today is on it for instance, they used
vinyl copies like this one to make the album. Thanks
a lot for helping us out with all these killer compas
records Rémi, the world is enjoying them now
and in the future.

Let’s see, we’ve got us another classic album
by Tuco et les frères Dejean. It is the second
of their hand here at the GG.
The superb musicians are;
trumpet – André Dejean
sax, tenor, alto, soprano – Fred Dejean
lead vocal – Raymond Cajuste
lead & rhythm guitar – Polinice Nozil
bass guitar – Jose Fortune
congas – Philipe Dejean
piano – Reginal Policar
tam tam – Ti George
drums – Ulrick “Tuco” Bouzi
guests on ‘Tuco’s Jam,
Robert Martino and
Mouchi Widmaier


01 – Tonton relax
02 – Zanmi
03 – l’Homme
04 – Cirilien
05 – Tuco’s jam


3 thoughts on “Tuco et les Frères Déjean – “Tonton Relax”
Macaya 1981

  1. I’m lucky enough to own many Freres DeJean lps and CDs and my memory is that all of them are better than this one, especially the last track. Their recent-ish videos on YouTube show they’re still a powerhouse.

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