Kyeremateng Atwede & the Kyeremateng
Stars, Wuo See Fie, Ambassador 1981

wuo see fie A


If it comes to Ghanaian highlife, the GG has brought quite
some over the years. I am certainly no expert on the matter
but I can tell you this. Kyeremateng Atwede is the singer
that made the biggest impression on me. ( in fact it is Baffour
Kyei ) I just love the colour of his clear voice, it has
this nasal touch not many have. Check out this record.
I don’t know What the songs deal about, cover with skull ?
If you could tell us, that’d be nice. Quite sure it used to
be here already but can’t seem to find it anymore.


01 – Eno benewa
02 – Wo ye kwa
03 – Every work na work
04 – Okwantuni
05 – Yellow woman

I replaced the old link for a new one.
Much better sound quality, go switch’m now.

12 thoughts on “Re-Post
Kyeremateng Atwede & the Kyeremateng
Stars, Wuo See Fie, Ambassador 1981

  1. The tittle “Owuo se fie” literally means “Death destroys households”… the woman on the cover art is dressed in a traditional funeral wear which could be a red cloth or black cloth, depending on the bereaved family’s request or the age of the deceased etc …

    The skull represents Death, which is a very common topic for highlife songs since funerals are a big thing in the Ghanaian society, especially among the Akans who generally make up the most of these musicians.

    Its true that you are most likely to hear the Ghanaian songs posted here at funerals than anywhere else on a regular day. Funerals have been the performing venues for most of the remaining Ghanaian highlife artistes here on the global groove like Pat Thomas, Obuoba J.A. Adofo etc and have kept the legacy of those that have passed on. A few of the artistes still get the chance for private performances and at festivals too.

    Kyeremateng Atwede i must admit hasnt been one of my favorites, I somehow developed interest for his songs out of curiosity because I realized most collectors are fond of him. Most of the band’s songs use different vocalists and just like Dr. K. Gyasi, I am not sure what role Kyeremateng personally plays in most of his albums. The band’s albums that I like are the ones that feature Baffour Kyei of Great Africans band as the lead vocalist, such a fine nassal voice perhaps thats who Moos refers to… the band’s instrumentals are also mostly on point and unique. Somehow I managed to admire their numerous collection but my personal favorites from this band are just a handful.

  2. Thanks moos! The amazing singer is actually named Baffour Kyei, you’ll recognize his voice on albums by many 1970s guitar-bands (Atakora Manu, B.B. Collins Marfo).

    Thank you!

    Will Matczynski

    • I know, the soundquality is not very good. I have another copy, when I find the time I’ll replace it. Hang on..

      Thank you guys for pointing towards the real singer on these albums
      by the way. I had no idea it was not Kyeremateng himself, one tends to think the frontman is the singer but off course that is not always the case..

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