Coupé Cloué – En-Dedans, Pipiche
Chancy Records 1980

Coupé Cloué, front

Gesner Henry or Coupé Cloué plays his compas twoubadou
style. Strumming softly and with hypnotic guitar licks he brings
us this mellow laidback atmospheric music from Haïti.
Get it and spread it if you wish..
Most important, listen !


01 – En-dedans
02 – Bien compté, mal calculé
03 – Caroline
04 – Samedi soir ( pipiche )
05 – Bon zanmi


3 thoughts on “Coupé Cloué – En-Dedans, Pipiche
Chancy Records 1980

  1. Thanks a lot for this LP. I was about to ask you about it earlier, but it completely crossed my mind. Thanks again.

  2. I used to have this cassette 30 years ago. I bought it in the Far North province of Cameroon. Good music travels. I loved it then and am thrilled to find it on line. While I have a number of Coupe Cloue albums, I believe this one really demonstrates the wide range of his talents and I one of my all time favorite albums. Thanks.

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