the B-52’s – High Fidelity, Play Loud
Island 1978

the B-52's, voorkant

Wat dacht je van deze band ? Uit 1978
alweer, de B-52’s. Aanvankelijk wilde ik het niet horen maar
deze baanbrekende band werd terecht opgepakt door producer
Chris Blackwell en Island Records. Nu terugkijkend weet ik, dit
is pure cult. Why don’t you dance with me ? I’m not no Limburger..
Dance this Mess Around is er een die op elke dansvloer tot z’n recht
komt. Geef ‘m nog eens een paar rondjes en kom tot de conclusie,
dit is hippy hippy forward hippy hippy hippy shake..


01 – Planet claire
02 – 52 girls
03 – Dance this mess around
04 – Rock lobster
05 – Lava
06 – There’s a moon in the sky ( called the moon )
07 – Hero workshop
08 – 6060-842
09 – Downtown


5 thoughts on “the B-52’s – High Fidelity, Play Loud
Island 1978

  1. I love your English notes! I only speak English and love reading your comments about the music you post that I so love. Keep up the good work and I’ll keep spreading it like jelly 🙂

  2. What do you think of this band? 1978
    Again, the B-52’s. At first I did not want to hear, but
    this groundbreaking band was picked up by producer
    Chris Blackwell and Island Records. Now looking back I know this
    is pure cult. Why do not you dance with me? I’m not no Limburger ..
    Dance This Mess Around is one that on every dance floor in his own
    comes. Give him a few laps and come to the conclusion,
    This is hippie hippie hippie hippie hippie shake ahead ..

  3. Vind het heerlijk dat je geen ruk meer interesseert of we überhaupt meelezen, je commentaar wordt er alleen maar beter van.

    En leuk hoor, heb m’n hoofd vol met derdewereldmuziek maar heb nu zin om nog eens de B-52’s te proberen!

    Of, beter gezegd, Love it that you do not pull more interested in whether we even read along , your comment will only get better from there .

    And fun though , have my head full of third world but now I want to once again try the B-52’s !

  4. Came back to these folks again myself in the last couple years. The next album is excellent as well. Also, there’s some old footage from ’78 on youtube that is
    worth seeking out. Thanks Moos!

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