Lord Kitchener – Play Mas’ with Kitch
Tropico 1967

Kitch, voorkant

Dat was een gelukkie, wat een heerlijk moment om tegen een
plaat als deze aan te lopen. Als ik calypso zoek kijk ik in het
bijzonder uit naar spul uit de jaren zestig, op de een of andere
manier vind ik dat de lekkerste sound. Als het dan ook nog eens
werk van Kitch betreft ben ik direkt verkocht. Dit is de elpee die
volgt op Kitch 67 die al eerder geplaatst was. Deze komt ook uit
dat mooie jaar, op Tropico en in prima conditie..

What a great moment when walking into an album like this one.
When searching for calypso, the sixties is the period I want to find
stuff from. Somehow I love the calypso from that era best. If it
concerns the work of Kitch on top of that, it pleases me extra.
This is the album that follows up Kitch 67, which you may find
at this page as well. The record we have today is from that same
year, on Tropico and in fine condition..

titels ;

01 – Miss tourist
02 – Mama have papa have
03 – The wrecker
04 – Come back molly
05 – Big belly woman
06 – No hurricane in trinidad
07 – Best things in life are free
08 – Who tell me man
09 – The handyman
10 – Mazican


5 thoughts on “Lord Kitchener – Play Mas’ with Kitch
Tropico 1967

  1. Thank you so much Moos, for all that you do.
    Here’s hoping that neither you nor your numerous fans don’t belong in the class of the ‘Handyman’ that Lord Kitchener was singing about. 🙂

  2. Praise to you for posting all this classic calypso gems! I bought a few vinyl albums at Rhyner’s in Port of Spain when I visited TnT a few times in the nineties. Even then this albums were hard to find. Second hand albums were often almost unplayable, as the stylus of a record player was often only changed when it was broken (as I was told by friends). For anyone who wants to dig more, you can find a lot of classic Calypso over at http://concretejunglebarska.blogspot.co.uk/2014_11_01_archive.html

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