Baffour Kyei & the Great Africans – Odo Mpa So
Observer Records 1985

Baffour Kyei, voorkant

We kennen hem als leadzanger op de platen van de Kyeremateng Stars.
Vandaag een elpee met zijn eigen band, the Great Africans. Hij wordt
bijgestaan door gitarist Eric Agyemang en Atakora Manu op deze
prettige plaat. Ik ben geen specialist maar weet wel, dit is lekker..

We know him being the leadsinger on albums of the Kyeremateng Stars.
Today an lp with his own group the Great Africans. He is supported by
one of my favourite guitarists, Eric Agyemang and assisted by Atakora
manu both of who you can find some records on this blog as well.
I’m no specialist on the matter but do know, this is delightful stuff..

titels ;

01 – Odo mpa so medley
02 – Wonya wodee a
03 – So memu yie


6 thoughts on “Baffour Kyei & the Great Africans – Odo Mpa So
Observer Records 1985

  1. Thanks, Moos. This music and more like it that you’ve uploaded is keeping me sane right now, what with caring for my wife who’s just had both knees replaced.

  2. gives me some grace your post, I think you read my mind, I was looking for ways to listen to this LP and magically came here, Thanks friend.
    long time without greeting.


  3. This is great stuff. I have been searching for albums by Kyei Baffuor for a long time. One of the greatest vocalists in Ghana highlife history, with his distinct nasal voice. As Moos mentioned already, he was the lead vocalist for Kyeremanteng Stars & is also very famous for “Adwoa Bene” song with B.B. Collins & the powerful believers. Thanks for this and more.

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