Jackie Mittoo – Macka fat
Studio One 1971

Jackie Mittoo, voorkant

Jackie Mittoo, achterkant

Het was ergens in februari 1986, Barrington Levy trad op in Paradiso
Amsterdam. Ik was 28 jaar oud en met twee goede vrienden trokken
we naar Amsterdam om hem te zien. Het werd een memorabele avond.
Een van mijn vrienden, G.J. Kamer had toen nog een eigen radioprogramma
bij de KRO, ‘Demo’ genaamd. Hij had de opdracht meegekregen om Barrington
te interviewen, dus na de show werden we in de Vip Bus gevraagd die voor de
deur van Paradiso stond. Gerard deed zijn interview en toen hebben we nog
wat met die jongens gerookt en wat foto ‘s genomen. Hier onder zie je er een
paar van Barrington en Jackie Mittoo. Ze zwaaiden ons nog uit bij het afscheid,
al met al een avond om nooit meer te vergeten..wat een aardige jongens..

It was somewhere in february 1986, Barrington Levy performed in Paradiso
Amsterdam. I was 28 years of age and with two close friends went to see him.
It became an evening to remember. One of my friends, G.J. Kamer still had his
own show at KRO Radio in those days and brought a recorder to interview
Barrington, so after the gig we were invited in the Vip Bus which was parked
in front of Paradiso. Gerard did his interview and we stayed a while, smoking
and taking some pictures. Below you’ll find some of them with Barrington and
Jackie Mittoo. A memorable night all together, see how they
waved us a happy goodbye..

Barrington on the Bus 2

Jackie Mittoo on the Bus

Bye bye Jackie.

passage from the Rough Guide on Jackie Mittoo's Macka Fat

Jackie Mittoo – Ghetto Organ

titels ;

01 – Henrey the great
02 – Good feeling
03 – Macka fat
04 – Lazy bones
05 – Fancy pants
06 – Something else
07 – Happy [eople
08 – Purple heart
09 – Whoa whoa
10 – Division one
11 – Ghetto organ
12 – Dad is home


13 thoughts on “Jackie Mittoo – Macka fat
Studio One 1971

  1. Dank u Moos, nice story : – )

    Some info for the LP…

    Henry The Great (An original)
    Good Feeling (Originally done as “I Hold The Handle” by The Heptones in 1968)
    Macka Fat (Originally done as “Soul Power” by The Heptones in 1968)
    Lazy Bones (An original. Released as a single in 1970)
    Fancy Pants (Originally done as “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye in 1971)
    Something Else (Originally done as “Ain’t Anybody Else” by The Heptones in 1968)
    Happy People (Originally done as “This Population” by Burning Spear in 1971)
    Purple Heart (Originally done as “Love Me Girl” by The Heptones in 1968)
    Whoa Whoa (Originally done as “How Can I Leave” by The Heptones in 1969)
    Division One (Originally done as “Live And Learn” by Alton Ellis circa 1970)
    Ghetto Organ (Popularly done as “You Don’t Love Me” by Dawn Penn in 1967)
    Dad Is Home (Originally done as “A Thousand Miles Away” by The Heartbeats in 1956 and first adapted as “Daddy’s Home” by Shep and The Limelites in 1961)

  2. Hi Moos, just home from work. This is something really great you share with us. Chillin’ with Jackie, my all time favourite Jamaican instrumentalist, sure I am a bit jealous. Got most of his solo albums including this one, but the pics stand for themselves and truly make the weekend a bit more happy. This is history with a capital H ! Rik

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  4. I just discovered this blog and it’s amazing how many great and rare records you have here. Especially reggae & dub. Many thanks!!

  5. I thought i’ll give it a try and ask if you have got the LP Chief Checker – The Sound Of Chief Checker Sounded Original? It would be just great 🙂

  6. great story Moos and pretty jealous too 🙂
    I was 18 years at that time but only discovered Jackie Mittoo and his music only 10 years later around 1996. I very well remember I was blown away by his music and have almost the entire collection. Sadly this fantastic contributor to reggae-like music passed away at young age. Thanks for sharing !!

  7. Hey. Thank you for this. It’s missing one track, though: number 10 (or on vinyl, side 2 track 4), “Division One”.


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