Alton Ellis – the Best of Alton Ellis
Treasure Isle 1995


In 1969 uitgebracht op Coxsone Records, CSL 8019, met twaalf
nummers. Dit is de cd versie op Treasure Isle records, CSCD 8019
met 16 nummers uit 1995. Alton Ellis werd ook wel de Godfather
of Rocksteady genoemd. In het kader van de Studio One releases
hier op de Global Groove, veel luisterplezier..

Originally released as CSL 8019 on Coxsone Records with 12 tracks.
This is the cd version on Treasure Isle from 1995, CSCD 8019, with
16 tracks. Alton Ellis was also called the Godfather of Rocksteady.
Next in row here at the Global groove for Studio One releases,
produced by Sir Coxsone Dodd..

titels ;

01 – Can I Change Your Mind
02 – Breaking Up Is Hard (Extended)
03 – This Feeling Of Love
04 – Land Of Loving
05 – Pearls
06 – Knock On Wood
07 – Can’t Stop Now
08 – Remember That Sunday
09 – Baby I Love You
10 – Jamaica
11 – Sitting In The Park
12 – Set A Better Example
13 – Chatty Chatty
14 – Cry Tough
15 – Still Trying
16 – Weeping Willow (Extended)


8 thoughts on “Alton Ellis – the Best of Alton Ellis
Treasure Isle 1995

  1. Literally am listening to Set A Better Example when I saw this posted. You are the best, thank you Moos. Have a nice holiday

  2. this cd is mono
    The Treasure Isle songs are Can’t Stop Now, Remember That Sunday, Baby i Love You, Chatty Chatty and Cry Tough akaLa La La. long versoins of Breaking Up Is Hard and Willow Tree.

    Org album is split stereo.

  3. Hi, I’m looking for an MP3 of Alton Ellis One Step Ahead B/W Ain’t That Loving You with a DJ on it? Can anyone help please???

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