Gentleman Mike Ejeagha – Akuko Negwu vol. 3
Polygram Records 1985


If you’re busy making posts with music from so many different
countries, you start dreaming about travelling around. Until now
I don’t have enough time for real big journeys but that will change
some day soon. Many of the countries from which I bring music are
on my wishlist to visit. Colombia, Panama, Ghana, Brasil, Carribbeans,
the country Mike Ejeagha’s from however is not one of them.
Nice tunes but certainly no travell destiny..

Als je zo bezig bent met muziek uit allerlei windstreken krijg
je zin om te reizen. Helaas heb ik er nog wat weinig tijd voor
maar dat gaat op een mooie dag veranderen. Veel van de landen
waar de mooiste muziek vandaan komt staan op mijn reis wens
en verlanglijstje. Colombia, Panama, Ghana, Braziliƫ, Caribisch
gebied, Cuba, het land wat we vandaag aanboren echter is er
een dat ik liever mijd. Lekkere muziek maar
geen reis bestemming..

tracks ;

01 – Ife uwa bu ana eme odi ka ada eme
02 – Elulube lube


12 thoughts on “Gentleman Mike Ejeagha – Akuko Negwu vol. 3
Polygram Records 1985

  1. Mike E is een held! Nigeria schijnt een ruig land. Ik ben er 1 dag geweest en dat was behoorlijk hectisch. Ben je wellis in moeder Afrika geweest? Ghana is tof, Madagaskar ook. Hee bedankt weer,
    Africa Oye!

  2. People fly to and from Nigeria (including family), Afghanistan, Turkey, Congo, Colombia, Jamaica, and other places with outbreaks of violence, or on going conflicts all the time. I would go to Nigeria tomorrow if I had the passage. It’s a huge country.

  3. Moos, Nigeria is a big place, most of the Boko Haram attacks have taken place in the Muslim areas in the North. I live in the US, though I wasn’t born here, and there are several cities with high crime rates that I have no fear of visiting. And people visit Mexico all the time, which has a far higher level of violence than Nigeria. As for terrorist attacks, tourists and big cities have been targeted in Kenya, Ivory Coast, Mali, London and Paris, but not yet in Nigeria. I’m from a “thirld world” country, so I know that these travel advisories can be overly broad and alarmist.

    • I guess you’re right Alex, it’s just I almost only hear tales of rip-offs,
      thievery, fraud and swindle about Nigeria but maybe I’m just being paranoid.
      ..anyway, there’s a whole lot of destinations I would prefer for now,
      who knows in the future..

    • Alex you r truly right!People are mislead about Africa in general and in particular about Nijah …it s not as dangerous as they would paint it…The same people who burn fire there are the same people who run and tell people not to go there…if you get the picture Im talking about for sure you ll get me….welcome to Nijah a country where you ll discover humanity on higher level!…Bless!

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