Sir Patrick Idahosa & his African Sound Makers
Olaghoro, Decca 1977



Hardly ever documented, a little story about him at Likembe.
Today we’ve got a Nigerian album by Sir Patrick Idahosa and
his African Sound Makers, it is on Decca and from 1977. As we
stride forth and keep making discoveries, this one is for you
Cole. Feel free to use it, sharing these rare albums is the
best we can do to unite people all over this globe..

Er zijn wel wat fragmenten van hem te vinden bij Likembe,
op Superfly Records en nog wat sites, niet heel erg veel.
Fijn om er vandaag nog iets aan toe te voegen, luister naar
Sir Patrick Idahosa & his African Sound Makers, uit 1977
en op Decca, deze is voor jou Cole..

01 – Olaghoro
02 – Ewuare
03 – Ewan-no


4 thoughts on “Sir Patrick Idahosa & his African Sound Makers
Olaghoro, Decca 1977

  1. Excellent highlife from the Edo-state of Nigeria. My wife can sing-along with this record, because she was born there. She will even dance their “traditional” dance on this music. “Ewuare” is about Oba-Ewuare, one of the former kings of Benin. I have this one and some other records of other musicians and bands from Benin-City, unfortunately, all in a bad condition. I keep them because they are rare, i even digitalised some, but not good enough to share…
    Thanks for this one… in splendid condition!

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