Tappa Zukie – Living in the Ghetto
Stars 1979


One of the greatest reggae singers of the early eighties
was for me Tapper Zukie, or Tappa Zukie. This is a rare
album I recently found at the fair in RAI Amsterdam.
It is from 1979 on Stars and a Tappa Zukie Production.

Ja je ziet het al, dit is een van de betere plaatjes van
reggae held Tappa, of Tapper Zukie. Uit 1979 en een
van zijn betere. ‘Oh Lord’ staat ook op de bekendere
Tapper Roots, verder zijn er geen overeenkomstige
nummers. Een Tappa Zukie Productie..

01 – Oh lord
02 – Dub them zukie
03 – Clean up the ghetto
04 – The chick
05 – Living in the ghetto
06 – First street girl
07 – Simpleton badness
08 – Don’t get crazy
09 – Freedom street
10 – Different fashion


2 thoughts on “Tappa Zukie – Living in the Ghetto
Stars 1979

  1. I’m a Tappa Zukie fan, but I don’t have this album, so thank you Moos. Great singer/DJ, but I have to say my favorite album of his (so far) is In Dub, which is probably my favorite dub LP overall. Highly recommended!

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