Sugar Minott – Ghetto-Ology
Trojan 1979



De laatste tijd heb ik bar weinig aandacht besteed aan reggae.
Toen er van de week iemand riep ‘meer reggae s.v.p.’ dacht ik,
laten we eens een weekje vergeten reggaeplaten doen. Trojan
bracht in 1979 deze uit met de toen nog jonge Sugar Minott.
Ik kocht hem toen 21 jaar oud, verdorie, de tijd vliegt.
Ondertussen een klassieker geworden, een snoepje..

Lately I have neclected reggae music a bit, so when someone
shouted for more reggae the other day, I thought, let’s do a
week of forgotten reggae albums. In 1979 Trojan brought this
album with, the then still young, Sugar Minott. I bought it
then 21 years old, damn, time sure flies. Meantime
it grew to be a classic record, sweet suff..

tracks ;

01 – Man hungry
02 – The people got to know
03 – Walking through the ghetto
04 – Dreader than dread
05 – So many things
06 – Never gonna give jah up
07 – Ghetto ology
08 – Africa is the blackman’s home
09 – Strange things
10 – Free jah jah children


2 thoughts on “Sugar Minott – Ghetto-Ology
Trojan 1979

  1. WOW! I have had and loved the dub version of this album for over 30 years… Bought it in my late teens. I knew it was Sugar Minott, but he was never a favorite, too sweet, but this record rocks, especially since I kinda know all the songs. Thanks for posting.

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