Kwame Nkrumah with jewel Ackah
Safari and Classical Highlifes, ‘Yeredi Awu’
Pan African Records 1981

Hello groovers, at the last record fair in Utrecht I thought
I bought an album by Pat Thomas & Ebo Taylor but when
playing it, it turned out it had another record in the sleeve.
So what did we find ? I took the images from the web, this
is Kwame Nkrumah with Jewel Ackah and their record; Safari
and Classical Highlifes, ‘Yeredi Awu’. Both the lp’s are on Pan
African Records, this is PAR 001 and the one with Pat Thomas
& Ebo Taylor is PAR 004. I’ll try to reach the guy who sold it to
me and maybe get the right one later. For now, enjoy listening
to Kwame Nkrumah & Jewel Ackah ..

Hallo groevers, onlangs kocht ik op de platenbeurs in Utrecht
een lp van Pat Thomas & Ebo Taylor, althans dat dacht ik. Een-
maal thuis bleek er een heel andere plaat in de hoes te zitten.
..En wat vond ik ? Ik heb de afbeeldingen van het web gehaald,
dit is Kwame Nkrumah met Jewel Ackah en hun album; Safari
and Classical Highlifes, ‘Yeredi Awu’. Beide elpees zitten op het
Pan African label, dit is PAR 001 en degene met Pat Thomas &
Ebo Taylor is PAR 004. Ik zal de verkoper in kwestie proberen
te bereiken, misschien heeft hij het goede album ook nog.
Voor nu, veel luisterplezier met Kwame
Nkrumah & Jewel Ackah ..

tracks ;

01 – Yeredi awu
—–Sokoo na mbaa wope
—–Odo ye wu
02 – Money palava
03 – Don’t do me so
04 – Kalabule


13 thoughts on “Kwame Nkrumah with jewel Ackah
Safari and Classical Highlifes, ‘Yeredi Awu’
Pan African Records 1981

  1. Thanks a lot. I just wonder, are you sure this guy is from Ghana? Nkrumah is a Kenyan name, some of my wife`s family members have it.

      • Kwame means that he is born on a saturday. Just like Kofi is born on friday and Kwaku on a wednesday. According to (many) Ghaneans your character is influenced by the day you are born. Wednesday means trouble (Kwaku the famoius Surinam marroon leader), Fridays are bright but a it boring (Kofi Anan). The record is great. Thanks Moos

  2. Kwame Nkrumah (Pres) died in 1972 so he’d be worth listening to in 1981 (morbid interest) -he recorded a few speeches…
    Nice find Moos – I had the same ‘experience’ at a Paris flea market 30 years ago, thinking I’d found Orchestre Kiam 360.062 for 5 francs (whooping and dancing) only to discover another Afrique Dance LP inside – only took me 29 years to find the Kiam LP (£50 on disc*gs)

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