U-Roy – U-Roy
Attack 1974

tracks ;

01 – Honey come back
02 – Treasure isle skank
03 – Rule the nation
04 – Drive her home
05 – Tom drunk
06 – Words of wisdom
07 – The merry go round
08 – Wake the town
09 – What is catty?
10 – Everybody bawling
11 – Ain’t that loving you
12 – Behold


5 thoughts on “U-Roy – U-Roy
Attack 1974

  1. Moos, something is wrong with the Download. It isn’t working. No matter what four-digit number it tells you to type in, it just keeps telling you to do it again and again.

    • I have heard similar messages over the past few days. I have no idea what’s going on.
      In the mean time the file has been downloaded a hundred times so not everybody is
      experiencing the same problem. When I try myself, it works fine. I’l try to find out
      what’s the matter though, keep trying I’d say .. thanks for reporting ..

  2. Ah ha. I see I was not alone in my downloading frustration. All seems well tonight, so no worries.

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