Atakora Manu – Omintiminim
Koaky Inc. KYK 004

We find this album with Atakora Manu without label but manufactured,
marketed and distributed by Koaky Inc. in New York City. It was produced
by Kofi F. Badu. Happy listening. Get it and spread it etcetera ..

Disko Hi-Life from 1981
Odefedefe from 19??
Pim No Bi from 1981
Afro Highlife from 1977
Mene Awurade Benante from 19??
Yebeda Mpapa Dan Mu from 1973
Hello from Chicago from 19??
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tracks ;

01 – Dada
02 – Ehia ma adwen dwen
03 – Cope coast adwen dwen
04 – Asante kotoko


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Koaky Inc. KYK 004

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