Eddie Donkor Rhythm King – Na Me Cause ‘Am
Gapophone Records GAPO LP 772

Hij verscheen vorig jaar al eens op deze highlife verzamelplaat
met zijn hit Asiko Darling, dit is de eerste keer dat hij hier met
een solo project verschijnt. Eddie Donkor speelde jaren lang bij
Nana Ampadu’s African Brothers Band als ritme gitarist. Uitein-
delijk besloot hij het op eigen benen te proberen. Dit album is
opgenomen in Nigeria, EMI studio’s, Lagos. Eddie Donkor’s
highlife is zeer ritmisch en daarom zeer dansbaar ..

He appeared here on one earlier occasion last year with his hit
Asiko Darling, it was on this highlife collector. This is the first
solo appearance. Eddie Donkor used to play his rhythm guitar in
Nana Ampadu’s African Brothers Band for years and eventually
tried to make it on his own. This album was recorded in the EMI
studio’s in Lagos, Nigeria. Eddie Donkor’s highlife stands out for
its highly danceable character ..


tracks ;

01 – Na me cause ‘am
02 – Destiny


6 thoughts on “Eddie Donkor Rhythm King – Na Me Cause ‘Am
Gapophone Records GAPO LP 772

  1. Growing in the early 90’s in Kumasi(Oseikrom),my Dad had a lot of vinyl records, i use to play with it like a DJ and I ended up destroying most of them, I’m happy to have found this site..I play song from here to my Dad and it gives him so much joy and most of the songs here are extinct now..Kudos to you guys for restoring our Ghanaian heritage …Nyame nhyira mo(God Bless Y’all)

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