Nana Ampadu’s
African Brothers Band Int.
Wonka Mma Wo Nnte
Rans Records ABJO 001

Yesterday’s album was messed up concerning track order.
The record company mixed up sides and titles and today
we have a similar situation. Fortunately I am on top of it
this time and managed to discover things on time. Okay
let’s see this must be about the 26th record we have with
Nana Ampadu’s African Brothers Band from Ghana. Not
one bad album as I recall, I guess Ghana’s most
succesful band ever ..

Gisteren hadden we een plaat waarvan de volgorde van de
nummers door de uitgever door elkaar was gegooid, vandaag
het zelfde liedje. Wat een rommeltje maken die lui er soms van.
Gelukkig was ik er dit keer alert op en staat alles in de goede
volgorde voor de downloader. Dit moet zo’n beetje de 26ste
plaat zijn die we hebben met Nana Ampadu’s African Brothers
Band uit Ghana, er is geen slechte bij, ik denk
Ghana’s meest succelsvolle band ooit ..

Check point from 19??
Odo Me Nsee from 19??
Nketenketenkete from 1984
Kyerema Way from 1981
Agatha from 1981
Obiara Wo nea otumi No from 1978
Ankonam Mobro from 19??
Osekufuo from 19??
The Best of Kwame Ampadu from 1971
Nea Medofo Aye Me from 19??
Okwaduo, Wodee Wokoo Na Wonuanom from 19??
Mede Wo Ka A from 1984
Enyimba Di N’Aba from 19??
Owuo Aye Me Bi from 1982
Osoro Siane from 19??
Sanbra from 19??
Afrohili Soundz from 1973
Gyae Su from 19??
Led by Paa Steel Ampadu from 1970
Yaa Amponsa Special from 1974
Abortion from 19??
Me Poma from 1984
Ampadu Boateng Dammirifua from 19??
Me Poma, Stern’s from 1984
Take the Message from 1982
Nana Ampadu Wikipedia
Discogs Discography

tracks ;

01 – Wonka mma wonte
02 – Baby don’t cry
03 – No problem
04 – Ohene kyiniye


3 thoughts on “Nana Ampadu’s
African Brothers Band Int.
Wonka Mma Wo Nnte
Rans Records ABJO 001

  1. Have you listened to the very sad news today, the great legendary legend Nana Kwame Ampadu is sadly unfortunately no more. He died today at 2 am Ghana time at the age of 76yrs old. I know there’s plenty of Nana Ampadu’s albums on here but there are also that are not on here from the legend. If you can find and add much more albums on from the legend like his Mentumi Ngyaa Wo album and his Mebesia album that would be great. Rest in peace legendary Nana Kwame Ampadu, you will forever be missed.

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