Have African Feeling with African Brothers Band Int.
Yerewensa …, Happy Bird 1980

De African Brothers komen vandaag weer eens op bezoek.
We hadden we al zo’n 25 tot nu toe. Deze plaat is uit 1980.
Onverwoestbare Ghanese highlife, elke liefhebber is het
erover eens. Van de African brothers krijg je nooit genoeg ..

Nana Ampadu’s African Brothers are once again on the menu
today. We had us some 25 of their records so far. This one is
from 1980. Indestructible Ghanaian highlife, every lover of the
style agrees. You never get enough of the African Brothers ..

All albums at the GG

01 – Yerewensa wose shirt
—- Moma no nye
—- Yebesan ako fie
02 – Sika anibere
—- Daakye wo be hu
—- Momfa ye adwuma nsere yen


9 thoughts on “Have African Feeling with African Brothers Band Int.
Yerewensa …, Happy Bird 1980

  1. Thanks Moos, great to see your site is running so smoothly again – thanks to everyone who got it sorted!!

  2. This is a beautiful record, and from here on I have downloaded anything you posted about this band (plus many other things, of course, I don’t know how to thank you for this)
    At this point, however, I begin to become seriously curious about the topic of songs, what they talk about, and things like that …
    Is there no way to know more about this?
    Thanks very much for your blog, Moos !
    Have a nice week 🙂

      • of course 😀
        but it is too much for me, I think, although I would like it very much. 🙂
        it would be nice if some Ghanaians did it, I can’t believe there is none here …….
        Also these guys seem to have been very famous in Ghana, is it possible that there is no publications about them and their songs?
        Thank god there is the music.
        And thanks to you I could hear it 🙂
        Cheers from Italy

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