City Boys in Nigeria, vol. 1 – Owu Nfame
Scodisk 1978

Zeggen we City Boys dan zeggen we the Black Chinese of
Chairman Muo oftewel Obuoba J.A. Adofo. Hij was de leider
van deze briljante Ghanese highlife band. Alle platen van deze
jongens zijn geweldig goed. Als je er eenmaal aan begint is het
moeilijk stoppen met luisteren naar de aanstekelijke highlife.
Dit album, City Boys in Nigeria, vol. 1, liegt er niet om, een
must have voor elke liefhebber, get it, spread it en luister ..

If we say City Boys, we say the Black Chinese or Chairman Muo.
Obuoba A.J. Adofo was the leader of this brilliant Ghanaian highlife
band. All their records are very good and once you start it is difficult
to stop listening to the infectious highlife they bring. This album,
City Boys in Nigeria, vol. 1, does not lie about it, a must have
for every lover of Ghanaian highlife, get it, spread it & listen ..

Owuo Mpaso 1980
City Boys Band International of Ghana 1977
City Boys in Nigeria, vol. 2 1979
Ankwanobi 1982
The Living Saint, Medo Wiase
Merefre No 1982
Kwae Anoma 1978
Odo Da Baabi
Nya Asem Hwe 1977
Ankwanobi (discorama) 1982

01 – Owu mpaso
02 – Kwaye mu ahoma
03 – Yaa boatemaa
04 – Di wokunu ni
05 – Owu nfame
06 – Odo mu nkyekyema
07 – Enna E! yaa maneme
08 – Obera na merebo no seyieyi


7 thoughts on “City Boys in Nigeria, vol. 1 – Owu Nfame
Scodisk 1978

  1. Thanks, Moos! I love the City Boys. And thanks for listing the previous posts. I had missed some of them. Tomorrow will be dedicated to listening to the City Boys.

  2. Thank you very much dear Moos. Nice music. Delicious.
    I’ve been waiting for it long time ago.
    Now I am going to listen to it many times, waiting for another LP from Doctor Paa Bobo: Osobrokye.
    Have anice day.

  3. Wow finally! I have been searching for this album in good audio quality for ages but couldn’t find it anywhere on the web until now. I believe this is one of city boys band best album ever. I can listen to this all day on repeat. Thanks Moos

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