Okukuseku Band of Ghana – Kedu? Odinma
Kclubb 1978

From 1978 we’ve got this album with the great Chief Kofi Sammy
and his Okukuseku Band of Ghana. The sleeve of the record is quite
worn out, the vinyl itself however is still in good shape. I have added
the pictures taken from Discogs which are in much better condition.

Chief Kofi Sammy is hier andermaal met dit heelijke album uit 1978.
De hoes is bijna verdwenen maar het vinyl zelf verkeert nog in prima
staat. Ik heb de foto’s van Discogs bijgevoegd, die zijn een stukje beter.

Pay the Boy Now 1987
Odô Yéwü 1981
I Need Work 1988
wth Kyeremateng Atwede
Mind Your Own Business 1981
Okponku Special 1978
Okukuseku International vol. 3 1978
Sisa Mi Sebre Mami 1984
Yebre Ama Owou 1981
Okukuseku Band of Ghana 1979
Take Time 1982
Nyame Nnae 1981
Black Beauty 1983
Bosoe Special

01 – Ye beyie
02 – Yere ye aka
03 – Wo be ye onipa den
04 – Ye bere kwa
05 – Me wu baa bi basaa
06 – Enye mo so


12 thoughts on “Okukuseku Band of Ghana – Kedu? Odinma
Kclubb 1978

  1. Another one from Chief Sammy.
    Makes me wonder how many more albums he has.
    Great music. Thanks for this.

    • I have one other album waiting for you.
      Discogs gives an idea of the amount of
      albums he made, although they are
      not always complete ..

      • Yes I agree that Discogs may not have the complete list.
        I do come across a few album I don’t see there.
        I look forward to your posts as always.Your hard work is appreciated.

  2. Hearing more of Dr. Paa Bobo on this one than Chief Kofi Sammy himself. The two of them did do some great songs together. Great Listening. Thanks

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