Third World – 96º in the Shade
Island 1977

01 – Jah glory
02 – Tribal war
03 – Dreamland
04 – Feel a little better
05 – Human market place
06 – Third world man
07 – 1865 (96º in the shade)
08 – Rhythm of life


4 thoughts on “Third World – 96º in the Shade
Island 1977

  1. You just read my mind, Moos. I was planning on digitizing mine and you just came to the rescue.
    Time to enjoy this lovely and rainy Sunday with some great Reggae music.

  2. last time i saw them was at Mundial Festival Ina Tilburg.
    live better than on record

    Nice summer time


  3. Thanks very much Moos. I’ve really enjoyed listening to this record from my youth. Made me realise what a great band they were all over again. Much appreciated and any chance of seeing more of their work at some stage? Respect.

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