Bunny Wailer sings The Wailers
Island 1980

With Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, Neville O’Riley Livingstone,
or Bunny Wailer was the third original Wailer. Bunnie made
some memorable albums over the years. This is the second
of his records here at the Global Groove. Some others will
follow. With Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Earl ‘Chinna’
Smith, K. Sterling, W. Wright, Headly Bennett, Dean Fraser,
Nambo and Sticky. All vocals, Bunny Wailer ..


01 – Dancing shoes
02 – Mellow mood
03 – Dreamland
04 – Keep on movin’
05 – Hypocrite
06 – I’m the toughest
07 – Rule this land
08 – Burial
09 – I stand predominate
10 – Walk the proud land


4 thoughts on “Bunny Wailer sings The Wailers
Island 1980

  1. Great LP honestly speaking. I remember first listening to this record years ago and falling in love with it.

    Hope to see his first 2 solo LP’s Blackheart Man and Protest. Those 2 are classics.

  2. file not found…

    Bunny’s show at Rototom Festival in 2009 – his first ever appearance on italian soil – my personal favourite reggae show I attended in this millenium.

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