Gabi Lunca – Gabi Lunca
Electrecord 1983

Gabi Lunca, (born 1938) is a Romanian singer of urban
lautareasca music. Her father was a very respected violonist,
in the same musical style. Her mother died when Gabi was
very young and this left a major impression on her life. Many
of her songs deal with the ‘mother’ theme. She was married
to the great accordeonist Ion Stan-Onoriu. This record was
made with his orchestra. From 1983, on Electrecord ..

Gabi Lunca, Romica Puceanu, Marcel Budala 1972

01 – Mai neicuta, din pitesti
02 – La casa din ulicioara
03 – Neicuta, de atita dor
04 – Linga o padurice verde
05 – Aseara la noi en sat
06 – Intr-o padure-nverzita
07 – Intr-o zi, la poarta mea
08 – Ieri a fost o zi frumoasa


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Electrecord 1983

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