Gabi Lunca, Marcel Budala, Romica Puceanu
Electrecord 1972

I have made a promise to our blog friend Pete to make
another ‘Seven 7″ Collector’, untill today I didn’t find the
time to do so unfortunately. He reminded me completely
justified yesterday. I promise to make time Pete. Another
request he made me was to post European music. Let’s see ..

Ever since I got aquainted with ‘Lautari’ or Muzica Lautareasca,
I started searching for records on Romania’s ‘Electrecord’ label.
Over the years we had several posts with Romanian music.
Today, we find this album on Electrecord with three artists
performing. Romica Puceanu with her velvet voice, Marcel
Budala and his accordeon and Gabi Lunca. Wonderful music
loaded with Romanian emotional gypsie feel. I just love it ..

Romica Puceanu, Vintule, Bataia Ta 1980
Romica Puceanu, Cine Nu Stie Ce-i Doru
Tony Iordache, Tresors Folkloriques Roumains 1970
Maria Tanase III 1984
Maria Tanase I
the Sound of the Gypsies
Romica Puceanu, Discogs
Gabi Lunca, Discogs
Marcel Budala, Discogs
Gabi Lunca, Wikipedia
Romica Puceanu, Wikipedia
Marcel Budala, Wikipedia

01 – Romica Puceanu – Suparare, suparare
02 – Romica Puceanu – Uite, mama, cade-o stea
03 – Marcel Budala – Ca la nunta
04 – Romica Puceanu – Pe drum de la lixandre
05 – Gabi Lunca – Omul care are noroc
06 – Marcel Budala – Cintec lautaresc de masa
07 – Gabi Lunca – Trenule, cind oi pleca
08 – Marcel Budala – Sirba de la titu
09 – Gabi Lunca – De ce, oare, sint lasata ?
10 – Marcel Budala – Hora de mîna

Orchestra Florea Cioaca ; 1,2,4
Orchestra Constantin Mirea ; 3,5,6,7,8,9,10


4 thoughts on “Gabi Lunca, Marcel Budala, Romica Puceanu
Electrecord 1972

  1. Hello Moos, would you be so kind and help me find the following albums? If you have them, please post them. If not, maybe one of the people on here can help. Please send me an Email if you get a reply. Thanks in advance.

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