Professor Richard Ugiagbe and
his Afro Ministers Band – Vol. 3
Shanu Olu Records 1978

Steeds dieper duikend in de Nigeriaanse highlife uit de Etsakor
regio vinden we vandaag deze plaat met Professor Richard
Ugiagbe. Hij verschijnt op het Shanu Olu label en stamt uit
1978. De sound van Richard Ugiagbe is niet zo donker als
die van veel stijlgenoten maar helder en toegankelijk.
Veel elpees uit die buurt en tijd zijn slecht en bekrast,
deze daarentegen speelt mooi en klinkt dito ..

Diving deeper in the Nigerian highlife from the Etsakor region
today we find this album with Professor Richard Ugiagbe. It
came out on the Shanu Olu label and is from the year 1978.
Richard Ugiagbe’s sound is not as dark as that of many time
and style buddies but is bright and accessible. Many of the
records from that time and area are in bad state and
scratchy, this one however plays and sounds nice ..

01 – Iruenwiense
02 – Ovbiye
03 – Nagbare
04 – Aituayemwangbon


8 thoughts on “Professor Richard Ugiagbe and
his Afro Ministers Band – Vol. 3
Shanu Olu Records 1978

  1. Hey Moos, a few months ago I`ve asked you to continue the “Seven 7” series, and you promised to do so. Unfortunately I haven`t seen any lately. Also, since this is GLOBAL Groove, do you have any albums you can share from Europe and Australia? Thanks and best wishes, Pete

    • Hi Pete, I’ve been thinking about your request
      this week and still wish to make another Seven 7″
      collector. This takes a bit more time than regular
      LP posts and I’m a bit short lately ..

      I’ll do my best though ..

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