Papa Wemba “Kuru Yaka” et Strervos Niarcos
dans Champs-Elysées, Firenze 1984

From 1984 we have this album with one of the co-founders
of Zaïko Langa-Langa, Papa Wemba. I must admit I’m not the
man to tell you much about him. I do know this is a record
I like quite a lot. Pleasant guitars by Rigo
Star and Teddy Sukami, listen ..

La Guerre des Stars
Beloti 1984
Trio N’yo.Bi.We, Bilombe Bakutani

01 – Proclamation
02 – Champs-elysées
03 – Miss bessange
04 – Eben


5 thoughts on “Papa Wemba “Kuru Yaka” et Strervos Niarcos
dans Champs-Elysées, Firenze 1984

  1. Hi Moos,
    This takes me back to memory lane. For me Papa Wemba was top in the eighties. I saw him once in Belgium singing in Dutch. I was very disappointed because I expected a concert like in Congo. Obviously he did not know how to please the Flemish crowd so he started singing the medley sung by Gérard Madiata when the Belgian government officials visited Congo.
    The crowd was happy and there was a lot of ambiance , but the concert really sucked. But of course I did not stop me from loving his music.

    Thanks for this one. I didn’t hear this songs for more than 30 years.


  2. This one’s really fun. Rigo Star really makes it shine with some ridiculous guitar licks. He is truely one of the greats. The keyboards aren’t even too bad either, though the pop sheen of it all can wear a bit thin.

    It is probably the first real “Papa Wemba” album independent of his band Viva La Musica. He was trying to modernise and globalise his sound and Niarcos was his partner in thought. A lot of fashion references in there as part of the sapeur thing.

    Sukami sadly died not so long after this in 1986 from AIDS that took many Congolese musicians. There was a strong stigma around it at the time.

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