Bossa Combo – Faux Marmite
Marc 1976

Maestro Rodrigue Toussaint and singers Shubert Gehy, Jean-Claude
Dorsainvil & Fritz Coq bring us this 1976 album with their Bossa Combo.
Atmospheric compas, six songs from Haïti’s capital Port au Prince.

01 – Faux marmite
02 – Femm’ca
03 – Chance pam
04 – Ramona
05 – La loi de la vie
06 – Metem sou ca


3 thoughts on “Bossa Combo – Faux Marmite
Marc 1976

  1. It’s really no surprise… Haiti has delivered some sweet compas. Another worthy release from a stellar year of releases worldwide. Just cheesy enough yet with a nice edge (great vocals too) and a hot rhythm section. Thanks

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