King Sunny Adé and his African Beats
Private Line
Sunny Alade 1978

Ajoo 1983
Ariya Special 1982
The Mater Guitarist vol. 6
Syncro Chapter 1
Mo Dupe 1985
Bobby 1983
Explosion 1984
Togetherness (Ka Jo Se) 1984
Sunny Special 1974
The Original Syncro System Movement
Aura 1984
Ori Mi Ja Fun Mi 1980
The Mater Guitarist vol. 2
The Master Guitarist vol. 1
The Message 1981
The Master Guitarist vol. 4
Juju Highlife at its Best
In London 1977
Syncro Series 1983
Festac ’77 1977
Jealousy 1987
My Dear 1986
Late General Ramat Muhammed 1976
Iyinle Odu 1982
Vol. 7
Sweet Banana
The Royal Sound 1979
Check ‘E’ 1981
Syncro System 1983
The Golden Mercury of Africa 1979
Juju Music 1982
Juju Music of the 80’s 1981

01 – 365 is my number
02 – Kale sanwa jowuro lo
—- Omo nigeria ti mbe lehin odi
—- Ajo ki dun ki odide ma rewo
—- Ajhaji kolawole olokodana


3 thoughts on “King Sunny Adé and his African Beats
Private Line
Sunny Alade 1978

  1. No comment but I’m sure to have one after listening to yet another surprise. The sun will come out tomorrow. Bedank

  2. Very nice missing link. He chose to do a revision of some of this on the 2010 release (one of if not his last) Baba Mo Tunde. It was a solid effort (with a great live band to back the master guitarist) so it’s a treat to hear this original version. Like many an African legend, never a bad release and very prolific.

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