Willie Colon
Lo Mato Si No Compra Este LP
Fania Records 1973 / 1992

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From 1973 we’ve got this record with the funny title;
‘Lo Mato Si No Compra este LP’ (I’ll kill him if you don’t
buy this LP). I didn’t have it on lp myself but I do have the
cd. Another great album with a great line-up ..

Uit het jaar 1973 hebben we deze plaat met de grappige
naam; ‘Lo Mato Si No Compra este LP’ (als je deze plaat niet
koopt vermoord ik hem). Ik had hem zelf niet op elpee dus
heb ik de cd versie voor je gepost die wel op de plank staat.
Alweer zo’n top album met een top line-up ..

01 – Calle luna calle sol
02 – Todo tiene su final
03 – Guajira ven
04 – La maria
05 – SeƱora lola
06 – El dia de suerte
07 – Vo so
08 – Junio ’73


4 thoughts on “Willie Colon
Lo Mato Si No Compra Este LP
Fania Records 1973 / 1992

  1. yes Willie was among the best
    but him fully supporting Donald Trump was among my worst memories of Trumpism
    so sad

  2. What’s wrong with that? Donald Trump is a great christian… the best christian, in fact. Wow, that makes me sick just to say that sarcastically. How do people do it?

    • Well, he must be … teargas people out of his way so he could hold up a bible. Just like Jesus! And people STILL waiting for his Second Coming. No, how DO people do it?

      Will try to put that out of my mind while listening to the music.

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