Willie Colon – The Hustler
Fania 1968

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Once I re-tasted the flavour of Willie’s marvelous sound, it was
a small and logical step to bring more of his splendid albums.
This is solid black gold. With hector Lavoe’s great voice and
the rest of this, still very young, band you can’t go wrong.
Willies first album is also for grabs here. This is his second
from 1968. Early New York salsa from one of the
finest in the field .. more will follow ..

Toen ik de geweldige sound van Willie Colon’s band terug hoorde
was het een kleine en logische stap, hoog tijd voor meer van zijn
platen. Dit is puur goud. Met de machtig mooie stem van Hector
Lavoe en de rest van deze, nog zeer jonge, band kun je niet mis
gaan. Willie’s eerste plaat is ook downloadbaar, hier. Dit is zijn
tweede album uit 1968. Vroege New York salsa
van een van de beste in dit veld ..
..er volgt snel meer ..

01 – The hustler
02 – Que lio
03 – Montero
04 – Se acaba este mundo
05 – Guajiron
06 – Eso se baila asi
07 – Havana


4 thoughts on “Willie Colon – The Hustler
Fania 1968

  1. Nice to see you back after a much deserved break from the airwaves. Thanks very much for these three latin posts. I hope things are improving weatherwise in the Netherlands and indeed all over Western Europe. Here in Western Canada after the hottest June on record (many shattered records) we’re in a prolonged drought (relatively speaking) and what’s shaping up to be another nasty, destructive fire season. Music continues to be one positive force in this f….d up world.

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