Admiral Dele Abiodun – Happy Days
Adawa Super Records 1991

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E O Fu’Ra
Oro Ayo from 1985
Adawa Sound Super 3 from 1975
For Better For Worse from 1980
Mo Kepe Oluwa from 1979
& his Top Hitters Band from 1978
Special G’esin Ni Kese from 1980
1000 Miles from 1982
In the Apple New York City from 1977
& his Top Hitters Band Super 6 from 1977
Adawa Super Sound from 1985
Elemu Nget On from 1978
It’s Time For Juju from 1984
.. and his Top Hitters Band from 19??

01 – Happy days
—- Orin tuntun
—- A lulu titi
—- Omidan jojolo
—- Ato goke kedere
02 – Gbedegbede lojojumo
—- A ti de
—- E maa pa
—- Won se bolatan
—- Tajudeen alebiosu


4 thoughts on “Admiral Dele Abiodun – Happy Days
Adawa Super Records 1991

  1. Here’s another tight upbeat session with everyone in good form and seemingly in hi spirits. For the period thankfully not too much cheesy keys to spoil the authenticity. A cooker, hot and spicy! Bedank

  2. Thank you s much for this. I have been expecting you to post some good old juju music for some time now. I loved the Admiral as a boy, and I am happy to be able to listen to this again. Please, do not forget the 1987 “E Soko Ijo” album from him. I have looked everywhere for that one, and I am yet to find it. Again, thanks!

  3. Thanks for these. Please find us these albums
    of Dele Abiodun:
    1. Current champion
    2. Ojo To Paje Loru
    I’ll appreciate

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