Ashanti Brothers Band of Ghana
led by Osei K. Vasco
Rogers All Stars 1983

Het is alweer elf jaar geleden dat we een plaat van ze
haden. De Ashanti Brothers komen uit Ghana, dit album
is echter opgenomen in Nigeria op het ‘Rogers All Stars’
label in 1983. (label zegt 1982)Net als hun ‘Kill me and Fly’,
die we dus eerder hadden is dit een pracht highlife elpee.
Mis hem niet en luister met plezier ..

It has been some eleven years ago since we had one of
their records. The Ashanti Brothers are from Ghana, this
here album however was recorded in Nigeria on the ‘Rogers
All Stars’ label in 1983.(label says 1982) Just like their
‘Kill me and Fly’, this is a fine highlife album.
Get it and spread it ..

Kill me and Fly 1978

01 – Enoma nkoweri
02 – My good friend
03 – Abusua ne wo bra
04 – Menko medo


5 thoughts on “Ashanti Brothers Band of Ghana
led by Osei K. Vasco
Rogers All Stars 1983

  1. I noticed that most of the Ghana artistes recording with Rogers All Stars have very similar rhythm or perhaps some Nigerian infusion and somehow different from their Ghanaian artistes recording in the Ghana studios around the same time.
    Shows how versatile these artistes were in their time and how highlife music is adaptive.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I remember really enjoying the previous post by this outfit and am really looking forward to this one. I find the Nigerian RAS label releases consistently good (which can’t be said about the reggae label of the same name; some filler not all killer). Does anyone know if they’re related?

  3. I thought as much. Getting hard to read the fine print! Anyway a fine imprint at any rate. Thanks for the clarification and for all the great sessions. Endless joys to mine.

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