Baobab (Casaçais) – Roots and Fruit
Popular African Music 1999
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Gouye Guy de Dakar 1983
Baobab à Paris 1978
On Verra Ça ? 1978
Senegaal Sunugaal 1975
Une Nuit au Jandeer 1978
Adduna Jarul Naawo 1975
Bawobab 75 1975

01 – Mansa
02 – Mansané cissé
03 – Sutukum
04 – Cabral
05 – Digone nga ma
06 – Sindieli
07 – Sona
08 – Tooñ baaxul
09 – Saxaar
10 – Kura
11 – Tante marie
12 – Notisé


3 thoughts on “Baobab (Casaçais) – Roots and Fruit
Popular African Music 1999

  1. These guys are among the best. I will never forget a concert cut short by thunderstorm in Central Park; they made sure to blow every single mind before they absolutely had to leave before some kind of Spinal Tap mishap.

  2. yeah good times Baobab. And PAM put out a number of great cds. I wonder what happens now that Ndiouga, Issa, Balla and Bartholomey have all gone. I am confident they’ll keep moving with young additions in the line up, especially if World Circuit insists. we’ll see. Loved every minute of each of the 5 shows I saw.

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