Ikenga Super Stars of Africa
Money na Man
Rogers All Stars 1977

The Ikenga Super Stars of Africa, led by Vincent Okoroego,
a former member of Steven Osita Osadebe’s Nigeria Sound
Makers were a leading Igbo “guitar highlife” group of the
seventies and eighties in Nigeria. The Ikengas called their
style of music “Ikwokilikwo”, a fast-paced form of highlife
popularized by Oliver de Coque and Godwin Kabaka Opara
of the Oriental Brothers, amongst others.The band went on
to record several LP’s, while establishing themselves as one
of the most beloved Nigerian groups of all time, not only in
their homeland but across Africa and in Europe as well.
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Nike Onye Asoa 1980
African Unity
Late Celestine Ukwe Special 1981
Nwa Enwe Nne 1981
Ikengas in Search of Peace 1985
Ikenga Go Marry Me 1977
Peace Movement Social Club of Nigeria 1976

01 – Money na man
02 – Onwelu ife mmelu
03 – Vic
04 – Why you dey kill ?
05 – Onyinye chukwu


6 thoughts on “Ikenga Super Stars of Africa
Money na Man
Rogers All Stars 1977

  1. Indeed! A please and thank you always much appreciated by anyone anywhere anytime. Thanks for another great post from this band and all the rest.

  2. Any Ikenga album is a gem, and thanks Moos for keeping up and persevering as the world crumbles. Your musical wealth, shared freely, provides great solace and joy.


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