C.K. Mann, Kofi Yankson & the Masters
Abotar Mu A
Essiebons 1981

Next in row in this dusty old record show we’ve got this
1981 album with C.K. Mann and Kofi Yankson & the Masters.
Not only the vinyl is dusty, the sleeve of this record is also
quite worn out. Music wise however it is still worth at
least a couple of spins. Imagine listening by the fireside.
Terrible quality …

De volgende plaat in deze stoffige oude serie is dit album
uit 1981 met C.K. Mann, Kofi Yankson & the Masters. Niet
alleen het vinyl, maar ook de hoes is tamelijk uitgewoond.
Muzikaal gezien daarentegen is hij het zeker waard enkele
malen beluisterd te worden. Stel je gewoon een
haardvuurtje voor waarbij je luistert.
Kraakt als de nete ..

01 – Abonsam enyi ato
02 – Asem todo ye yaw
03 – Bokoo (instrumental)
04 – Biribiara wo ne mber
05 – Maame ne wu yi
06 – Mboa fi nyame ho
07 – Egya wo pe nye ho
08 – Chechekule


5 thoughts on “C.K. Mann, Kofi Yankson & the Masters
Abotar Mu A
Essiebons 1981

  1. Forget the quality .You should be proud to have and export a record by two
    enormous legends in CK and Papa Yankson.

  2. Yes love these C.K. Mann classics, thank you for these great albums. If you have the Ko Mann Ko album that be great as well.

  3. Hey Moos. By any chance, do you have Aworabole / Akwankwaa by Noble Adu Kwasi? That record has been stuck on my mind lately. Thanks

    • At least you know it was well loved if not so well taken care of. It’ll have to do until – “another one fights the dust”.

  4. Coastal music from C.K Mann & Papa Yankson, such a listening pleasure from the western side of Ghana. Thanks for this and more.

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