Hit Parade Africain vol. 4 – Various Artists
Pathé Marconi / EMI 1975

In November 2011 we had volume 1, it came as Holiday
in Afrika, but was the same album. Then, in January 2014
we had volume 3. Today we find vol. 4, volume 2 is not
in my posession, but I did find it in my digital collection.
There is something strange, this series of four albums on
Pathé Marconi contains mostly Congolese songs, however,
volumes 2,3 and 4 also contain songs from other countries
that do not exactly fit in the series. Vol’s 2 and 4 have songs
by Fela Ransome Kuti, afrobeat which doesn’t really combine.
Volume 3 has a song by Moji & the Tropicals which also fall
out of tone in the series.

Volume 4 is my own vinyl rip and in Mp3 format. I must be
honest and tell you that I have found vol. 2 somewhere else,
I probably downloaded it myself, but I can’t seem to find out
where I did. I’m taking the liberty of re-posting it today, just
to complete the series. If it was you who first posted it and
want me to remove it, let me know. Volume 2 comes in flac
format and the Fela Ransome Kuti track is missing. The one
who first posted it clearly also didn’t like the combination.
Vol. 2 also contains a couple of other songs that don’t fit
too good, ‘G.G. Vicky – Agbé’, ‘Jam Kishy – Jean-Jean’,
‘Laba Sosseh – Seyni’ and ‘Sunny Adé – Ibe ise ba ri’..

In November 2011 hadden we volume 1, het verscheen toen
als ‘Holiday in Afrika’, maar was hetzelfde album. Later, in Januari
2014 hadden we volume 3. Vandaag hebben we volume 4. Vol. 2
heb ik niet op vinyl, maar vond ik wel in m’n digitale collectie. Wat
apart is, deze serie van vier platen op Pathé Marconi bevat voor-
namelijk Congolese songs, hoewel, vol’s 2,3 en 4 hebben ook wat
nummers die niet zo goed combineren uit andere landen. Vol’s 2
en 4 bevatten elk een track van Fela Ransome Kuti, afrobeat die
slecht op de rest aansluit. Vol. 3 heeft een track met Moji & the
Tropicals die ook uit de toon valt.

Volume 4 komt uit mijn eigen vinyl collectie en is in Mp3 formaat.
Ik vertel je eerlijk dat ik vol. 2 zelf ergens moet hebben gedownload,
ik weet echter niet meer waar. Ik heb de vrijheid genomen hem
vandaag te re-posten, ter completering van de serie. Als jij de origi-
nele uploader was en wilt dat ik hem verwijder, laat me dit dan even
weten. Deze vol. 2 komt in flac formaat en de Fela Kuti song is absent.
Degene die hem ooit postte vond hem kennelijk ook niet combineren.
Vol. 2 bevat nog enkele songs die minder passend zijn, ‘G.G. Vicky –
Agbé’, ‘Jam Kishy – Jean-Jean’, ‘Laba Sosseh – Seyni’ and
‘Sunny Adé – Ibe ise ba ri’..

Discogs, Hit Parade Africain, 1,2,3 & 4

Hit Parade Africain vol. 1 (Holiday in Afrika)
Hit Parade Africain vol. 3

01 – Orchestre Sinza – Mahoungou
02 – Franco et l’Orchestre TP OK Jazz – Ye no. 1
03 – Orchestre Les Rebelles – Manicero
04 – Les Bantous – Macaro
05 – Orchestre Les Noirs – Sikiya sauce no. 1
06 – Fela Ransome Kuti – Lady
07 – Orchestre Mando Negro – Massamba mj
08 – Orchestre Les Noirs – Amin no. 1
09 – Orchestre Hi-Fives – Belina mon amour


Hit Parade Volume 2 is here

21 thoughts on “Hit Parade Africain vol. 4 – Various Artists
Pathé Marconi / EMI 1975

  1. I like it when albums are ripped in flac or any other lossless format. The listening experience is so much better than .mp3. But I don`t like incomplete albums at all, even if songs don`t fit into the concept of the record. However, whoever created the album in the first place must have had a reason to add those “weird” songs to it. Therefore it should be shared in the way it was meant to be. Have a blessed Sunday everyone. Pete

  2. Hi, Moos! This is all fantastic, but the link to Vol. 1 is not working. It comes up saying the page is only a draft that we’re not allowed to preview/

  3. Hola amigo, gracias por publicar los albumes HIT PARADE AFRICAI, te informo que el Vol 1 de dicha compilación aparece como ERROR, sería posible resubir ese archivo?

  4. Thanks for these, Moos. I agree that 320 kbps is fine for listening; but I love finding things in lossless because I think they sound better – more “space” – and because I can use ClickRepair to make scratchy records sound great. That is important for me as a listener, and certainly musicians want to have their music sound pristine for listeners, but it also makes for better radio – which is what I do.

    But please don’t take this as a complaint! I have maximum respect for you Moos, and you have enriched my life and radio show immensely. Thanks so much for keepin’ on!

  5. I have these in my collection. Moos, thanks for posting rare albums, and for those who want lossless- you can always track down the original LPs and rip them yourself. It’s what I do.


  6. Moos,
    Volume 2 was the first African LP that I bought — I think in 1970. I must have played it 1,000 times, and it is still on my shelf. Thanks for the digital copy!

  7. Hi Moos,
    By any chance in your collection might you be having OK Jazz’s Ye No. 2?
    Thanks so much for the Ye No. 1. Been looking all over for these Ye series.

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