Lord Melody – “Salt ‘n Pepper”
Straker’s Records 1974

He had his prime time during the late 50’s and early sixties.
After a long hiatus from 1962, in which a few collectors
appeared, he came back in 1974 through this album, Salt ‘n
Pepper. It was the time in which calypso slowly evolved into
soca, I’m glad Lord Melody still brings calypso on this one.
Lord Melody was one of the main calypsonians with Lord
Kitchener and Mighty Sparrow, a true pioneer ..


Calypso Through the Looking Glass 1960
Calypso 1962 1962
Caypso Cavalcade vol. I 1974
Calypso Cavalcade vol. III 1974
Calypsos for Adam and Eve 1961

01 – Papa doc
02 – Norma
03 – Girl in france
04 – Look
05 – Sex
06 – Miss affong
07 – Calypso rose
08 – Zamie
09 – The bom


3 thoughts on “Lord Melody – “Salt ‘n Pepper”
Straker’s Records 1974

  1. Thanks as always. Big Lord Melody fan even if this 70s stuff is patchier than his earlier stuff his cadence is so unique and inventive.

    He spent much of ‘hiatus’ touring with Harry Belafonte who was looking to popularise Calypso in the USA but only had limited success. He did release some singles in this period but no albums.

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