Jewel Ackah – Electric Hi-Life
Asona Records 1986

Until today we had only two records with the late Jewel Ackah.
We also had two on which he participated. One with Safohene
Djeni and one with Awieama Little John. Yester day I found this
album from 1986 on a small market in my hometown. Jewel’s
career spanned from 1974 until half 90’s.
He died in april 2018, age 73.

Tot op heden hadden we slechts twee platen met wijlen Jewel
Ackah. We hadden ook twee albums waarop hij deelnam. Een
met Safohene Djeni en een met Awieama Little John. Gisteren
vond ik deze elpee op een kleine platenmarkt in Hilversum.
Jewel’s muzikale carrière spande van 1974 tot ergens
halverwege de 90’s. Hij overleed in april 2018, 73 jr.


Yeredi Awu with Kwame Nkrumah 1981
London Connection 1984
Awieama Little John, Nyamenle a Amanle Mea 1980
Safohene Djeni, Nea Ye Boe 1980

01 – Onipa dasa ni
02 – Eko aware a bisa
03 – Wumelo wo
04 – Ayefor
05 – Maame


3 thoughts on “Jewel Ackah – Electric Hi-Life
Asona Records 1986

  1. One of the all time greats of the Western Region of Ghana. I have this album on CD and this is definitely one of his best Highlife albums of all time. A timeless classic.

  2. Hello and thank you Moos for another great record from Jewel Ackah
    I really enjoy the electric highlife just as much as the contemporary highlife before this era and “Ayefor” which means wedding, is my favorite from this record.
    Have a great day!

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