Les Vikings d’Haïti – La Patate
Disques Debs International 1973

Les Vikings d’Haïti with an album from their most productive
year, 1973. We had a couple before. Part from the one weepy
on track #4, overall happy sound. Fitzener Delmont leads the
orchestra and plays the saxofone. Sunny days are here ..

Hier hebben we nog zo’n compas album met Les Vikings d’Haïti
uit hun meest productieve jaar, 1973. Los van die ene smartlap
op nummer 4, een over het algemeen vrolijk geluid. Fitzener
Delmont leidt de band en speelt de sax. Zonnige sound ..


En Allé Ti Fi 1973
Apré Bal La 1975
Ce Pas Magie 1972
Les Vikings d’Haïti 1973

01 – La patate
02 – Ti marlene
03 – Souvenir d’enfance
04 – La chanson de l’adieu
05 – Festival vikings
06 – Espoir
07 – Telly
08 – Bel amour


One thought on “Les Vikings d’Haïti – La Patate
Disques Debs International 1973

  1. 1973 was a very good year generally as I look back fondly on days gone by. This combo certainly seemed to enjoy it and the music coming out of the Antilles not to mention Africa was often superb. Haiti was certainly no exception and this one is quite enjoyable.

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