General Prince Adekunle
Asalamu Alaikun
Ibukun Orisun Iye 1974

Good morning groovers, if you are a juju lover, be sure
not to miss this here record. General Prince Adekunle is
back with a tremendous album today. It is from 1974 and
shows us juju like juju is meant to be. Strong guitar, vocal
and rhythm display on this beauty. Listen ..

Goeiemorgen groevers, let op want deze wil je zeker niet
missen als juju liefhebber. General Prince Adekunle is terug
vandaag met een waanzinnige plaat. Hij is uit 1974 en brengt
ons juju zoals juju bedoeld is. Krachtig gitaar, vokaal en ritme
werk op deze juweel. Luister zelf ..


with his Western State Brothers 1970
To Become a Man 1983
.. and his Supersonic Sounds 1976
Ope Ni Fun Oluwa 1976
In the United Kingdom 1972
Awodi Nfo Ferere 1976

01 – Asalamu Alaikun
—- Mo keu mo kirun
—- Taba foju kan anabi
—- Oba oke mo fori bale
—- Enyin alahaji ati alhaja
—- Odun titun soju emi adupe
02 – Sakara sound
—- Adiitu ede
—- Kelegbe megbe
—- Adekunle tun gbede
—- Ema fote bahun anise je
—- Egba omo alake


7 thoughts on “General Prince Adekunle
Asalamu Alaikun
Ibukun Orisun Iye 1974

  1. Some very sweet posts lately Moos including this gem. Reminds us once again how fruitful the mid seventies were musically in many genres. Juicy JuJu indeed. Thanks again

  2. Thanks for this one, it gave me something to be grateful for on a rather terrible day. Much appreciation to you!

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