Prince Buster – She Was a Rough Rider
Westmoor WBBCD 02

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Good morning, not so many posts lately as you have
certainly noticed. I’m very busy on another project which
is consuming all my time momentarily. No worries, the GG
is still here. No plans to stop, just doing other things for
a while. Meantime listen to the great Prince Buster ..

Goeiemorgen, erg weinig posts de laatste tijd zoals je vast
al zult hebben gemerkt. Ik ben erg druk met een ander project
dat all m’n tijd opslokt momenteel. Geen zorgen, de GG is
hier nog steeds. Geen plannen om te stoppen, gewoon
even iets anders aan het hoofd. Luister ondertussen
naar de geweldige Prince Buster ..


Original Golden Oldies
Fabulous Greatest Hits 1968

01 – Rough rider
02 – Dreams to remember
03 – Scorcher
04 – Hypocrites
05 – Walk with love
06 – Taxation
07 – Bye bye baby
08 – Tenderness
09 – Wine or grind
10 – Can’t keep on running
11 – Closer together
12 – Going to the river


7 thoughts on “Prince Buster – She Was a Rough Rider
Westmoor WBBCD 02

  1. Thanks as always. Can’t go wrong with Prince Buster of this era.

    Interesting to see the word “Reggea” on the front. The word ‘reggae’ was apparently first used in music in the Maytals hit ‘Do the Reggay’ which is the same year as this 1968.

    • We are restyling our gallery we own in our hometown.
      Starting to sell unique furniture and home accessories from
      India, Indonesia and such.

      • Ah very awesome! If I ever get to Europe I will have to visit, unfortunately flights from Australia are getting crazier every year! But one day 🙂

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