World Lucky & the Ichoye Superstars
(the Bomhi King) Etsakor Blues
Asama Records ASLP 001

It is from 1988 and the only album listed at Discogs. World
Lucky treats us with this quite funky sounding highlife. The
bass pretty much at the foreground, rhythms that babble on
and Lucky chanting with his background singers. A record
worth a couple of spins on a quiet evening ..

Hij komt uit 1988 en is de enige plaat die ze op Discogs
hebben. World Lucky bedient ons met deze redelijk funky
klinkende highlife. De basgitaar zeer op de voorgrond,
voortkabbelende ritmes en Lucky die met zijn achtergrond
zangers rustig reciteert. Een plaat die je best een paar
maal luistert op een rustige avond ..

01 – Eregheokhatse
02 – Chief ibrahim butali
03 – Ememaregwue
04 – Aloayeagbor


4 thoughts on “World Lucky & the Ichoye Superstars
(the Bomhi King) Etsakor Blues
Asama Records ASLP 001

  1. your comments are mostly ridiculous about these records.
    Worth of a few spins , what is that. These artists deserve better then that,
    You know nothing about these records so please refrain from making up
    futile comments.

    • Hi Michael, thank you for your response.
      It has put a big smile on my face,
      a few spins on one evening is quite positive
      to my opinion, but why explain myself to you ..

  2. Hold on to your britches there Michael. In Moos’ defence, not that he needs it, he probably knows far more about his vast and eclectic collection and the artists that created the music than you do. How many posts have you shared lately? If music be the food of life play on; thanks for breaking bread with us faithful followers.

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