June 3, 2008

Israel Vibration – Unconquered People
Tuff Gong 1980

3 Guys, 3 voices, Israel Vibration, these 3 singers have the
traditional habit of rotating the solopart of each song. It’s a very
nice experience to see them perform live. I was at a concert of
them at Paradiso Amsterdam some years ago, and I had
a great time, super social reggae.


1 Give I grace
2 Friday evening
3 Mr. Taxman
4 Survive
5 Top control
6 We a de rasta
7 Unconquered people
8 Possibility
9 Dwellers of darkness
10 Practice what Jah teach


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  1. Visuals 13 September 2008 at 02:55 - Reply

    Hi again Moos! You have some great stuff on your blog. I wanted to comment on the great Israel Vibration. I came across them for the first time back in 94′ or 95′ when B.E.T would show reggae videos every friday. I was instantly hooked on the music of this group and the song was “Rude Boy Shuffle” from the “On The Rock” album. Before I knew what the internet was, I can remember vividly searching all of the record shops here locally trying to find this great group but never could find anything nor could the shops order anything.

    I got lucky a year of so later when I went out of town and came across a 2-on-1 cassette tape that had the two albums “Same Song/Unconquered People. Both were the dub versions but I treasured them and still do. On another trip out of town, I came across the CD “Free To Move” and purchased it and equally loved it.

    I always made it my business to search the reggae section of any record shop I visited to try and find out what album “Rude Boy Shuffle” was from and after about 3-4 years after initially seeing the video, I called the record company that they were on at the time “Ras Records” and asked them. They told me the album and sent me a catalogue containing all of their albums. I put in a large order for the following CDs:

    Strengh Of My Life
    On The Rock
    Dub The Rock
    Why You So Craven
    Ras Portraits

    I enjoyed the CD’s and really hated when Albert Craig left Skelly & Wiss. To me, It was Apple’s voice that stoof out the most and I absolutely loved his delivery. I am now searching for his solo album “Another Moses”. Sorry if I got carried away but I just felt compelled to let you and anyone reading this that haven’t discovered the group to know how the group impacted me. In fact, I can’t really say I was greatly fond of reggae until I heard these guys. I got into them BEFORE Bob Marley, Gregory Isaacs, Culture and all the other greats.

  2. Anonymous 24 August 2009 at 11:34 - Reply

    Front from the 1990 Greensleeves’s edition.

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