June 27, 2008

Thomas Mapfumo & the Blacks Unlimited
Mr. Music, Earthworks/ Roughtrade 1985

Fantastic record by ‘Mr. Music’, ‘Thomas Mapfumo’ comes in with
an album that is one of his very best. ” Music has been my life, It
knows no colour, racial or religious boundaries As long as it touches
your soul, you will flow with it. I hope that all who hear my music will
become one with me I thank my African forefathers For bringing me
up in music.” Thomas Mapfumo


1 Congress
2 Kufa kwangu
3 Tondobayana
4 Juanita
5 Maria


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  1. jahcisco 17 July 2008 at 15:27 - Reply

    Thank you.

  2. Norio 13 September 2009 at 05:54 - Reply

    This is indeed one of the best Thomas Mapfumo albums I have heard. I play “Juanita” all the time. It has a great back beat with drums, shakers and horns, interwoven with swirling guitars and keyboards, and over it all is Mapfumo groaning and moaning about Juanita. I can’t help but dance when I hear this music. Thank you so very much for posting this music that is so hard to get.

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