July 6, 2008

Tappa Zukie – International, Tappa Records 1976

Tappa Zukie, front, cd size

Now here’s one of my alltime Jamaican heroes, “Tappa Zukie”.
His records shook me when I first heard them early 80’s.
And then he came to ‘Paradiso’, Amsterdam, me and my friends went
totally nuts that night.
The forthflowing bass, and Tappa’s sweet voice, I still LOVE this.
Sorry about the quality, some cracking appears.


1 A chapter a day
2 M.P.L.A.
3 What about the half
4 Chalice to chalice
5 Peace and love
6 Pick up the rocker
7 Rocker
8 Trebelation
9 Down and touch
10 Punch in piiate


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  1. zoot 6 July 2008 at 13:18 - Reply

    Just found your blog. You have some wonderful stuff on here … my main interest is African [soukous, Highlife, juju, south African etc etc] and I’ve seen a few that I am interested in so I shall be busy over the next day or two. Many thanks for all of these.

  2. moos 6 July 2008 at 15:18 - Reply

    Hi there Zoot,
    Welcome to the world of Global Groove, have fun !

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