September 24, 2008

Kitch – Spirit of Carnival, Charlie’s Records 1978

From Trinidad comes this Soca album. The word ‘soca’ stands for
‘Soul Calypso’. Kitch is the man who was there, developing it.
The overall spirit on this album is good, it gives us some
tracks that still contain a lot of the old Calypso feeling.
It has one track however, he could have left away for my part.
Track no. 8 does not really belong here.
Aldwin Roberts is his real name, listen to ‘Kitch’!


1 Soca Millicent
2 The spirit
3 Dog bite you
4 Symphony in G
5 Take de phone out me house
6 Suzie
7 Pan ’round the neck
8 Disco love
9 Town bunnin down
10 The carnival is over


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