November 8, 2008

Global Sampler vol. 11

Global Sampler vol. 11

To guide you along the musical flowers in my global garden,
I invented the Global Sampler. This is volume 11 and it tells
you where to find the honey of your taste.
It shows the flowers planted between August 17 and August 31.
As usual there’s quite some variation, we got sweet, bittersweet
and a tiny bit of Queenjelly perhaps, but that’s all up to you.
Suck some in and have a groovy taste, hummingbirds.


1 Le Grand Maitre Franco et le T.P.O.K. Jazz – Cherie A
2 Orchestra Harlow – La cartera
3 Star Band de Dakar – Danguele fasso
4 Pedrinho Rodrigues – Salgueiro chorao
5 National Badema, Kasse Mady – Namory
6 Damiron y Chapuseaux – Cosa linda
7 Cartola – Aconteceu
8 Os Batuqueiros e as Mulatas – Minhas razoes
9 Roberto Ribeiro – Jura
10 Jorginho do Império – Samba sem cuíca
11 Ed Lincoln – Palladium
12 Super Jamano de Dakar – Cuur ngonee ngalang
13 Super Diamono de Dakar – Mam
14 Johnny Pacheco y Hector Casanova – La mulata
15 Keletigui et ses Tambourinis – Dembati
16 Winston Jarret and the Righteous Flames – Sheriff and his deputy
17 Syl Johnson – Let yourself go
18 Super Diamono de Dakar – Dou wey


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  1. Pete 11 August 2018 at 04:09 - Reply

    Hello, where can I find the full-length album?
    National Badema, Kasse Mady – Namory
    Your search engine doesn`t give any feedback. Please Email me your response (if possible). Thanks in advance.

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