May 9, 2009

Maria Tanase – Maria Tanase 1, Electrecord

My first contact with Lautari was when I bought the CD
‘Suburban Bucharest’. It contains a mixture of old and new
Romanian music. Through that CD I got to know artists like
Romica Puceanu, of which I found this LP last year.
From one artist you come to the next, and that’s how
I discovered Maria Tanase.
It can’t be a coincident that I found part 2 of Maria Tanase’s
CD releases recently, and last week this LP.
Some listener asked for a little pause between all that dancing
music, well this is an album to sit down with and listen.
I hope you can appreciate this rare piece of Lautari.


Maria Tanase, tracks


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  1. Roxana27 10 May 2009 at 01:37 - Reply

    one great voice of my country… after these original songs, many newer versions of them appeared in the meantime (including much faster rhythms on the same themes)

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